Accessory Material

We take the selection of materials very seriously

At Scandinavian House, we work with high quality certified materials. As a result, all our products look great, feel comfortable and last lifetimes.

Foam, Farbic and Leathers

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Pedantic in every detail

Every material we use in our production is carefully selected

“We don’t compromise on our materials,” says Karl, the CEO at Scandinavian Hose. “It would be like to paint Mona Lisa on a kitchen towel. It would go against our philosophy of producing long-lasting value to our customers.”

At our company, we take the selection of materials very seriously. We only work with high-quality materials (foams, fabrics, leathers) which are certified and come from ECO-friendly sources. As a result, our products look better and last longer.

In other words, we want our products to look aesthetically pleasing, to feel comfortable and to last lifetimes.


Material Accessory Scandinavian House Ceramics

Ceramic Decoration and Kitchen Cutlery

A ceramic is a solid material made of an inorganic compound of metal, non-metal or metalloid atoms. The common examples are earthenware, porcelain, and brick.

“It’s high tech stuff,” says Tuong, the chief designer at Scandinavian House. “Did you know that turbine engines made with ceramics operate more efficiently, giving aircraft greater range and payload for the same amount of fuel?”

At Scandinavian House, we use ceramic for long lasting furniture decorations and kitchen cutlery.

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