Quality Control

A systematic approach to quality control

At Scandinavian House, we employ inline and 100% final-output quality control combined with a sophisticated reporting system which means that no product leaves the company faulty, malfunctioning or of the second-grade quality.

“Our customers love our approach,” says Karl, CEO at Scandinavian House. “We have customers who never returned a single product, which is quite something in the furniture industry.”

Inline Quality Control & 100% final quality control

Our customers love our thorough and systematic approach to quality control.

We control every step of the production process which means that the faulty parts are eliminated from the production line as early as possible. This is how we ensure the effectiveness of manufacturing and high-quality standards on output. But we go further.

100% final quality control leads to lower return rates

Every product that leaves the company is carefully checked before shipping. We take this step very seriously as we understand the importance of customer’s satisfaction and low return rates. We are very proud of our achievements in the field of quality control. And our customers love it.

To sum it up: Our quality control system leads to a more efficient production, which in turn means lower-cost, higher quality and lower return rates.

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