Shipping globally in a safe and secure way

We offer safe and efficient in-house packaging to ensure that all your products get delivered to your clients on time and in perfect condition. We want you to focus on your core business, instead of dealing with hassles of packaging and international shipping.

Thoughtful packaging

Our thoughtful approach to the packaging means that you will always receive your goods on time, clean and in perfect condition

Because we understand our materials and products, we also know what are the best ways to package and protect them. “It’s logical,” says Karl, the CEO at Scandinavian House. “When you know a great deal about your products, you also understand what are the weak points and how to protect them during transportation.”

At Scandinavian House, we went to great lengths to ensure that when we ship our goods to our clients they always arrive at destination on time, clean and in pristine condition.

Drop-ship packaging and delivery

We also offer a drop-ship packaging to our online customer who need to get the products delivered to their own end-customers.

All the way, from our factory to the customer’s hands, safely packaged

The good packaging needs to protect the edges and corners but also surface areas of your products. Our in-house packaging is how we guarantee that our products, including info sheets and instructions sets, get delivered to our clients complete and in perfect condition.

Learn more about our international shipping services.

Manufacturing Packaging Scandinavian House 02
Manufacturing Packaging Scandinavian House 04
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