Furniture Manufacturing

We offer unique and cost-effective solutions to manufacturing and quality control

At Scandinavian House, we pay close attention to the effectiveness of our manufacturing processes and quality control at each step of the process. This is our way to eliminate the faulty parts from the production system on time, which in turn, gives us more resources to focus on the good parts. This is where “Quantity meets quality," says Karl, the CEO at Scandinavian House and he adds: “Because of this approach we had customers who never returned a single product of ours, which is quite something in furniture industry.”

Manufacturing and Quality Control

We take the quality of our manufacturing processes very seriously

We believe that effective manufacturing and quality control go hand in hand. We focus on the quality of our processes as much as we care about the quality of our products alone. The effectiveness of our manufacturing also means that we are capable of handling large quantities of products without sacrificing their quality.

Inline control and 100% final quality control

At Scandinavian House, we employ a sophisticated reporting system which means that no product leaves our company faulty, malfunctioning or of the second-grade quality. This approach led to a significant reduction in return rates. Something we are very proud of and our customers very happy about.

Furniture Manufacturing and Production - Scandinavian House
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