We Understand Our Wood

Our years of experience working with wood mean that we understand this beautiful, all-natural material inside-out. But we don't leave it there. Instead, we invest in ongoing research and education to ensure the craftsmanship par excellence.

Examples of the wooden materials that we use

Material Wood Scandinavian House Oak


Material Wood Scandinavian House Walnut


Material Wood Scandinavian House Ash


Material Wood Scandinavian House Acacia


Material Wood Scandinavian House Thermo Ash

Thermo Ash

Material Wood Scandinavian House Teak


Material Wood Scandinavian House Cherry


Material Wood Scandinavian House Robinia


Medium Density Fibers (MDF)

At Scandinavian House, we have an extensive experience working with Medium Density Fibers (MDF). We are capable of handling various finishes and customization as per our customer's requests. “We constantly develop new colours and processes,” says Karl, CEO at Scandinavian House. “We want our products to look and feel modern and unique.”

Material Wood Scandinavian House PDF


Material Wood Scandinavian House VENEER


Commitment to Sustainability

We offer a variety of wood types, including both FSC and Non-FSC materials. Each purchase expresses our steadfast commitment to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing.

Material Wood Scandinavian House FSC
Material Wood Scandinavian House FSC02

Our unique approach to working with wood

No more cracks and fissures

Wood is a living material and as such, it needs to be handled with extreme care. At Scandinavian House, we design and construct all our furniture in such a way that it perfectly handles the “breathing” nature of wood. As wood reacts to its environment, it expands or shrinks, which causes cracks and fissures to occur. Our approach is to leave some space in between the parts so this doesn't happen.

We are proud to say that our furniture handles all sorts of different climates and transportation conditions without any issues.

Manufacturing QC Scandinavian House 01

Moisture Control

Take advantage of our extensive knowledge of moisture control

We use dried lumber from sustainable sources to make sure that all our products are ecologically friendly and suitable for usage in various climates. The moisture content of our wood ranges in between 8-10% for indoor applications and 8-12% for outdoor applications.

Material Wood Scandinavian House Finishing

Surface Treatments (Finishes)

Making the products as perfect on outside as they are inside

The surface treatment is an important part of the wood processing alchemy. It's what gives the material desirable characteristics, attractive appearance and contributes to increased resistance to moisture and other environmental agents.

At Scandinavian House, we understand the technology and "living" nature of wooden materials. We specialize in all sorts of surface treatments such as colouring, sanding, water-base, scratching and so on.

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